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Mariam Medvedeva is a russian photographer born in Moscow, based in Paris and working worldwide.After 10 years in Culture and Art academy, she graduated a Master in Photography at Speos Photographic Institute in 2013.

For the last years, Mariam is working on a long term and personal fine art projects.

Exhibitions and awards


FOAM Talent, De Markten, Brussels

FOAM Talent, Beaconsfield Gallery, London


FOAM Talent Award 2016

Foam Talents Exhibition, Mercatorplein Parc, Amsterdam

-  UNSEEN festival, Amsterdam

-  Foam Talents Exhibition, Atelier Néerlandais, Paris


 - Speos Photographic Institute exhibition in Paris

 - Award for the best young photographer of the year (International Bièvres Photofair)

- IPA Honorable mention for still life photography

- IPA Honorable mention for portrait photography


 - exhibition "Green Elephant"  in Moscow